Ge-ka Supplies



Ref. Characteristics
UV0001 Hardener, to be added between 5 and 10 %, resulting in better adhesion of the whole system. Also gives better waterresistance.
UV0002 Washing agent, also for Low Migration purposes, waterdilutable, labelfree
UV0003 Rollercleaning paste for offsetrollers, also for Low Migration application
UV0004 Fountain additive for wet offset presses, also for Low Migration purposes, to be used 3 – 4 %. When going for IPA free, the concentration of UV0004 needs to be increased to 5 %.
UV0005 Release additive, also results in better waterresistance and better adhesion. Gives very slippery surface
UV0006 Anti-foam additive, to be added around 0,5 % for flexo applications, and between 1 and 2 % for screenapplications.
UV0007 Leveling and flow additive. To be added between 0,5 % and 2,0 %. Can be used in flexo and screenapplications.
UV0009 All round washing agent, waterdilutable
UV0010 Liquid photoinitiator for UV varnishes, surface curing
UV0011 Liquid photoinitiator for UV varnishes, depth curing
UV0012 Liquid photoinitiator for coloured UV inks
UV0013 Liquid photoinitiator for white UV inks (opaque white, transparent white, mixing white )
UV0014 Anti-blocking paste
UV0015 Anti-scratch paste
UV0016 Adhesion paste
UV0017 Liquid adhesion promoter
UV0018 UV reducer for varnishes and inks
UV0019 Anti-static additive ( not for offset inks )
UV0020 Anti-misting paste for offset inks and varnishes
UV0021 Matt paste
UV0022 Whitener paste for UV varnishes
UV0023 UV absorber, for improving light –and weatherresistance of varnishes
UV0024 Special hardener when added around 5 % to inks and varnishes, gives very good adhesion on glass and improves as well considerably the waterresistance.
UV0025 Reactive diluent
UV0026 UV Flushing solvent for digital inks and varnishes
UV0027 Degreaser
UV0028 GK Cleaner, for cleaning anilox rollers
UV0029 Antitack paste, to be added between 5 and 10% in offset and letterpress inks
UV0030 Matting Powder
UV0031 Hold Out Additive


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